Carnival festivities are always a good chance to dress up in a cool way and stroll around big cities.
Also this year I spent it in Venice, just having a normal stroll with my best friend, no funny clothes, no weird photos, just a walk to enjoy sunshine and eat food, as always.

Carnival in Venice is pretty busy, streets are really narrow, it is hard to walk freely but the sight of the clothes is stunning, people seem to spend a lot of effort in sewing their costumes, they are just too lovely to see.



I can't help but, as you may have noticed, I like to cook, the only "problem" is that is impossible for me to follow a line, one day I may post a salad and the day after I post a four-layer chocolate cake.
My life in general pretty much follows this mantra and I like to call it balance, a magic word to me which seems to justify my choices in life.

Can't help but I also like to ramble.

Let's talk about this delicious cake!
It is really quick to do, but for real this time, you won't spend more than 10 minutes for picking the ingredients and making the mixture + 12 minutes for baking in the oven, literally nothing!

Fact: it's not very Instagramable due to the melting ice cream, a torture for me. But who cares about photos when you have a cake?!?


The other day I was about to eat some fresh fruit but I bumped into two super duper ripe black bananas and my plan to eat healthy seemed destroyed! Suddenly Internet came into my mind and I found the perfect "recycle" recipe: a vegan, gluten-free banana bread in which I added some nuts, just because of omega 3 purpose and a crunchy note.

2015 illustrated by photographies




Hello everybody! I know I didn't write anything for a while but here I am! I am not dead(even if I look dead 'cause I have stayed in bed for the last 4 days with a bad flu due a 3-hour-party. What an animal party.).
Something happened anyway during the last about 6 weeks, I have been working as an au pair for like a month in one of the sunniest Spanish city, Almeria! If you don't know what is an au pair, it is basically a nanny who lives with the family of the kids but this kind of job can be done only outside your homeland (a great excuse to travel).
So here I am, in Spain, taking care of two active children, too active for my sore muscles and my not-so-patient attitude but hey, the food is super good, the weather is incredibly warm, I have a new active lifestyle, I have also some night-lifestyle(even if right now I really regret it), Zara and Pull&Bear' clothes are cheaper and so... life is good!
The decision of becoming an au pair has been quick and, actually, a bit reckless. I saw on Facebook that a girl of my highschool was in Germany as a nanny and so I decided to try it too. Yes, that quickly, I didn't waste much time thinking about it actually, which is kinda strange but, whatever, or now or never!
This experience is almost over and I don't know if I am glad or not: in one hand the kids are really annoying and they have been rude with me most of the time but, in the other hand, I met such 2 cute friends, they are really lovely and I am happy to spend time with them and share nice memories!
I still don't know what I will do after Christmas holidays but I guess you will discover it only by reading my blog!

Have a lovely day ❤


Let's be real, at least once you didn't go out just to stay at home, in pyjamas, and have a movie marathon. Well, my friends, I did it more than once and I finally mastered this art and found the best night rountine - chilled version.


You might, or might not, have perceive my absence but this time I have a good reason. Yep, I am not lying, I haven't been just sitting on my couch at home, at least not every day. But let's go back to the track... I wasn't here on the blog because I was on holiday again, yay!!!

This time my mother and I opted for a nearer option and we decided to hop on a bus and reach Slovenia and, more precisely, Ljubljana and down below there are the main reason why you should give a try to this small city.