Hello there, it is nice to see you here! As you can tell this is my first official post and I want to share with you my last adventure: a trip around Spain and Portugal for a total of 6 planes, 2 trains, 20h spent in airports, 4 hotels, 2 flats, many hours of walking, a fall on a knee, moments where we were pissed off and moments where we were really enjoying ourselves.
This is my journey and this is the first post about it.

Santiago de Compostela

Here there are the super cool university(2nd one) and the well-known cathedral(1st one), you must have heard of the cathedral if you ever dreamed about undertake one of the longest route ever! Indeed Santiago route is long about 800km...say what?!? It must be super duper hard to achieve such a long walk, but I guess it is well worth the hustle since you can see so many places, you can meet so many people(and you have so many blisters)!

I didn't undertake the route but I flew there from Frankfurt in order to start my little adventure with my dear mama.
Let me tell ya a secret: Spanish food is A-MAZING! Tapas are the best, indeed I queued for half an hour just to order 5 courses of tapas... 5 courses! Here below I show you my favourite ones:
Suuuper delicious and fresh fish, so yummy in tummy!
If you are in Santiago and you want to try them I went to a place called Petiscos do Cardeal.

Oh and, if you can, just try bizcocho for breakfast in any cafe you want, it is really similiar to Margherita cake, but it is more dry so it doesn't give you a sensation of choking, which it always occurs to me when I eat "spongy and humid" cake, I don't how to explain the feeling ahah. Anyway it is really light and you won't feel heavy after having eat it, despite the huuuge slice they will give you(it is only me or Spanish cafes are really generous with portions?). 

After a quick stop of one night in Santiago, we moved to Vigo, in order to visit Cies Islands.

Cies Islands
If you think that Europe doesn't have white beaches and crystalline water, you are wrong 'cause I laid my butt cheeks on the whitest sand I ever seen and here it is the proof:

Cies Islands are a little paradise which is situated in Galicia region, in Spain, and you can reach them in just 1 h with a big ferry which leave from Vigo(round trip for just 10 euros if you book in advance). This small island(indeed I don't know why they use the plural for island, it just one island!) allows 2000 lucky people to visit her beauty coastline, beaches and even woods. 
That day I decided to don't "waste" my day at the beach and I opted for a long walk of 6 km in order to reach the highest lighthouse of the isle. Guys... what a view! From there you can see the endless ocean and another small island, Ons.
Unluckily I spent only one day in heaven but I was ready to leave Spain for one of the nicest and most picturesque Portuguese city, Porto, but I will tell you this story next time!

What have you done/what have you planned for this holidays? Which place do you consider a paradise?

Lots of love

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  1. How lovely, these photos are gorgeous! I think paradise for me is probably Greece! xx

    1. Uuuh Greece must be a really really pretty place! I would love to go especially to Santorini or Corfù.
      Anyway thank you for your comment. :)

      Have a nice weekend, xx

  2. Gorgeous pictures!! Cries Island looks simply magical!
    And that food looks delicious :)
    There are so many amazing places in the world, I don't think I can decide which one is the ultimate paradise haha. But I've always been drawn towards Greece and Egypt ever since I was little girl :)

    1. Ahahah yeah it's barely impossible to pick one place, even mine change really easily! Greece anyway seems amazing, it has some magical spots!

      Thank you for the nice comment, hope to see you here soon!
      Have a nice day. :)