80 gr of dried quinoa 
1 egg 
1 carrot
1 big potato or 2-3 small ones
40gr of breadcrumbs
50gr of grated Parmesan cheese or any hard cheese
a teaspoon of soy sauce
a sprinkle of salt
some curry powder 
some spicy paprika
a dash of plant oil to pan-fry
some lemon slices, to garnish 
You may need: a dash of milk or more breadcrumbs

1. Boil in a pot filled with water and a pinch of salt the quinoa (after having rinsed it very well) for 15-20 minutes.
2. Boil the carrot and the potato in cold and slightly-salted water  for 20 minutes or till they are soft.
4. In a bowl smash the vegetables with a fork, then add the cooked quinoa, the egg, breadcrumbs, grated cheese, soy sauce, half teaspoon of curry, half teaspoon of paprika and blend. If the mixture is too dry add a dash of milk; if the mixture is too wet add some breadcrumbs.
5. Put the bowl in fridge for at least one hour, but it is better if you leave it there for two hours.
6. Put some oil in a pan, let it cool.
7. In the meanwhile, form some little balls with the mixture.
8. When the oil is hot, place the balls in the pan.
9. Wait until the bites have a golden colour.
10. Serve with some slices of lemon, they give a nice taste.

These small bites are really really yummy and, thanks to their delicate taste, you can combine them with every thing that pops up in your mind, for example I would eat them as a side dish, combined with curry chicken, one of my favourites! Or if you wanna go easy, simply try them combined with some hummus or some plain or spicy mayonnase. 

Do you like quinoa? How do you use it normally?

Have a nice day

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