Hey, I've come back to write my last holiday-related post! On the previous post I rambled about the beauty of Sao Miguel, but this time I am going to write a little about Lisbon and Porto, both cities located in Portugal.

Lisbon is the capital of Portugal and it is a quite big city located almost in the middle of Portugal. It is famous for its tiles, also called azulejos in portuguese, it is known for the Tram 28 and the Fado, a typical melodical music which can still be heard in Alfama area. Oh, and do not forget Fernando Pessoa, a poet who spent almost his entire life in Lisbon, wandering through the streets of Chiado and Barrio Alto districts and spending his evenings at Cafe A Brasileira.
While you are in Lisbon, you have to give a try to local food and taste Ginjinha(Ginja), a liqueur made of sour cherries, served in a chocolate cup, and some Pasteis do Nata. You will thanks me later cause they are super good!
Of course during my trip I shot some photos so... let's see them:



I have spent my last three days in Porto and, let me tell you, it has been love at first sight!
It is smaller than Lisbon and it has probably less things to see, but I found it way more colorful and vivid than Portugal capital. Porto is, of course famous for its wine, and, if you decide to have a trip on the cableway, you will be able to have a free tasting at a wine cellar. My mother and I tried it, it was nice but probably 4 wine glasses were a bit too much for two people who don't drink hahah, anyway go for a try, you may really enjoy it.
Porto, as Lisbon, is also famous for cork and you will find indeed a lot of artisans who produce beautiful bags, sandals, hats, etc. made of cork. I was amazed! Cork is extremely soft and it is also waterproof!
Oh and, while you are there, you can't miss Francesinha, a huge sandwich filled with more than 3 kind of meats, covered with melted cheese and served in tomato sauce. It is a bomb!
But let's see some pictures:

Have you ever been to Lisbon or Porto? Did you like them? 

Have a nice day

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