Let's be real, at least once you didn't go out just to stay at home, in pyjamas, and have a movie marathon. Well, my friends, I did it more than once and I finally mastered this art and found the best night rountine - chilled version.

1. After a long day there is anything better than a hot bath/shower.
I recommend first a nice scrub to use all over the body, even on the face(if it is not too sensitive). I used Lush "Rub Rub Rub" shower scrub, which has a really good smell: fresh and sea-scented. If you have none, you can make your own mixing in a jar/glass 4 tablespoon of sugar and a tablespoon of a plant oil of your choice (I will opt for coconut oil or argan oil for a smoother skin).
After the scrub you can wash normally, ut when you will come out of the bath/shower you will have to moisturize your skin. I used again Lush products: for the body I applied a light-vanilla-body lotion, "Vanilla Dee-Lite" and for the face I used "Gorgeous", a light facial moisturizer but you can use whatever you like.

2. Time to collect your snacks.
As a chocolate-lover I opted for one of my new favourite biscuits: "Saku Saku Panda" by Kabaya. Super cute panda-shaped biscuits covered with tasty chocolate. They are quite small so you won't feel bad if you eat three or four of them.
I also love eat fruity sugary sugar cubes, mine are from Perugina. Super tasty and I love the creamy center. They are also perfect to carry inside any bags just to be sure you won't have a blood sugar drop, which may happend during hot days.
3. Time to settle down in a chilled position on a couch or in bed and dedicate yourself to do what you love. 
I really enjoy reading fashion magazines or mangas.The 2 mangas that you can see in the photos are related to "Switch Girl", a really funny story of a teenager, who is a really beautiful and popular girl, but, in reality, when she is at home she become really sloppy and goofy ahah. I really recommend it cause it is really cute, well-written and full of advices for girls(some of them might be a bit silly, but they always make me laugh).
Instead, if you are too tired to read you can just turn on your computer and watch a tv show. You can never go wrong with the old classics as Friends, Dawson's Creek, The OC, etc. or you can try something new since it's plenty of shows with cool plot. I personally prefer the romantic comedy indeed The OC is one of my favourites and I have seen it at least three times, but right now I am really into Teen Wolf, I can literally say that I am obsessed. Nice plot, nice balance between romance and supernatural and nice actors...cough Dylan O'Brien cough cough.

5. The last step to end the day is to sit in a silent place and meditate for at least 10 minutes. If you are used to it, you can just use some relaxing music and meditare how you have been taught. If you are new to this practice, I know YT is plenty of videos which can guide you through meditation or, if you want to use an App, I can tell you that "HeadSpace" is really nice, helpful and full of cute animation. It is a quick way to learn how to meditate and, once the 10 free lessons are done, you can just keep doing what you have learnt without any App or video.

This is it, this is what I usually do after a long day or after a tiring workout. 
And you? What do you do when you want to pamper yourself?

 Have a nice day

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