Hi there! I'm happy to see you here again to read my little adventure.
Previously on "Child of the Oceans":  on the last post I wrote about Santiago de Compostela and Vigo, then indeed I left for Porto, a picturesque city in Portugal, and the day after my mother and I took a plane for a small island in the middle of the ocean, Sao Miguel!

I only visited Sao Miguel, which is the biggest island of the archipelago of Azores, but I bet that the feeling is the same in every island, don't you know what I am rambling about? I am talking about an uncommon sensation for urban people, the sensation of fresh and pure air, satured with oxygen and low-polluted. Jeez, it is something really pleasant to breath!

Going back to the subject, Sao Miguel is an amazing place, it is still quite unknow, so most of the places are almost desolated. It is amazing being able to sit in a silent place!
Enjoy the photos. :)

I have been to Sao Miguel only for 3 days but I really really enjoyed the peace there, such an amazing country with beautiful landscapes, and kind people too.
As I said I left, but not to reach home, indeed I went to the unexpectedly-not so cool-Lisbon. But this is another story and you will read it next time, in my last holiday-related post!

So, what do you think about my journey so far? Have you ever been at Azores or in an island in the middle of the ocean? Tell me your adventure in your comments.

Have a nice day

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