Hello there, I'm happy to see you here! Well, let's skip pleasantries, it is time to introduce myself:

My name is Veronica, I'm a 19 years old mess, I mean girl, and I am still trying to figure out what to do in my life. In the meanwhile I'm spending my days being a lazy being, a breadstick&cheese consumer (it is my favourite combo, I eat it every day), a CSI Miami rerun/repeat watcher, a Tumblr user and unluckily(for you) a complainer, yes, I like complaining every now and then about how quick my tan is disappearing.

I was born and raised in Italy, in a boring town near Venice, and I'm currently living with my family, aka: mom, dad, my fat cat and my noisy and annoying bird, but I wish I was living in a cute shared house in Brighton or London, yes I said shared, noises and shadows freak me out even during daytime.

I don't have any particular hobby, but I like taking photos and filming some short shots while I travel, I like cooking cakes and vegetarian meals, even if I'm not vegetarian, but I think that they are a great "detox" for the body, I like exercising with Cassey Ho's videos and I like talking to the screen while I do them, just to complain actually, about how sweaty I become during her gym sessions(this might be kind of a gross revelation, sorry), I like seeing cute DIY and dream about  how cool they will look in my future house, I like watching a lot of Youtubers, I could easily watch them for 2 hours in a row, I like being subscribed to thousands of flight companies and constantly dreaming about my future destinations(Hawaii I'm coming for you as soon as I get a job and I save thousands of euros. Oh and I'm currently following tons of hawaiian guys on Tumblr...they have the coolest vibes).

My happy place is the beach or any sea with clear and warm waters, but I can appreciate even basic seaside towns. Place with water in general, like lakes or even crappy rivers, give me a sense of relax and tranquility and they are the best place to think or have a chat with friends.

Here it is the proof: look at that happy face!

I wanted my love for the sea and water in general to be present inside the blog name and that's why I picked "Child of the Oceans". Instead I chose the word "child" because, as I remember from an italian lesson, even Pascoli said that it is important to set your inner "childish" side free even when you are a grow-up. By childish side he meant human's ability to be easily amazed by his/her surrounding and to be always curious about what it's around him/her, so let's be "childish" together!

Join the adventure

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