Hello everybody! I know I didn't write anything for a while but here I am! I am not dead(even if I look dead 'cause I have stayed in bed for the last 4 days with a bad flu due a 3-hour-party. What an animal party.).
Something happened anyway during the last about 6 weeks, I have been working as an au pair for like a month in one of the sunniest Spanish city, Almeria! If you don't know what is an au pair, it is basically a nanny who lives with the family of the kids but this kind of job can be done only outside your homeland (a great excuse to travel).
So here I am, in Spain, taking care of two active children, too active for my sore muscles and my not-so-patient attitude but hey, the food is super good, the weather is incredibly warm, I have a new active lifestyle, I have also some night-lifestyle(even if right now I really regret it), Zara and Pull&Bear' clothes are cheaper and so... life is good!
The decision of becoming an au pair has been quick and, actually, a bit reckless. I saw on Facebook that a girl of my highschool was in Germany as a nanny and so I decided to try it too. Yes, that quickly, I didn't waste much time thinking about it actually, which is kinda strange but, whatever, or now or never!
This experience is almost over and I don't know if I am glad or not: in one hand the kids are really annoying and they have been rude with me most of the time but, in the other hand, I met such 2 cute friends, they are really lovely and I am happy to spend time with them and share nice memories!
I still don't know what I will do after Christmas holidays but I guess you will discover it only by reading my blog!

Have a lovely day ❤

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